The exhibition ‘A Long Line of Sand’ continues until 30 October 2021.

“Fox Jensen, like everyone is desperate to open on the other side of 80%. This watershed exhibition of painting by Aida Tomescu has been hibernating, sadly almost unseen in the Alexandria Gallery. When Emma and I checked on it earlier this week we were as affected by it as we were when we first made the installation more than twelve weeks ago. It is demonstrably one of the finest exhibitions of painting I can recall presenting and it shows how vital a force Tomescu is in this landscape and beyond.

In these new works Tomescu has greatly increased the scale of her territory so that we can see her form and composition expand appropriately – across and into the field, one that refutes the pictorial in favour of a material and gestural inquiry that has greater volume and density, a new veracity and candour.

In many of the new works there are significant areas of the painting where the linen is only stained with colour, sometimes left raw. The spatial implications of this openness are expressive in itself, but the manner in which these areas might appear to be left to their own devices reminds us just how consequential each mark is. Much-like late Cezanne’s so-called “unfinished” paintings these decisions Tomescu makes about placement and completion signal purpose and resolution not indecision. The exposed linen ground in Cezanne or Titian reveal a more complex construction, one where the transitions required to establish form are necessarily more complex yet yield greater depth…”

– Andrew Jensen


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