Ep 63, Talking with Painters podcast – Tony Tuckson (part 2): Artist Aida Tomescu

In episode 62 I spoke with senior curator Denise Mimmocchi about the late abstract expressionist artist Tony Tuckson and the exhibition Tuckson:the abstract sublime ‘ which is currently showing at the Art Gallery of NSW. The exhibition continues until 17 February 2019.

In this episode I look at a few of the paintings themselves with artist Aida Tomescu.  I spoke with Aida about her own life and art in episode 33 where you can hear a great story of her arrival in Australia from communist Romania and her rise to becoming one of our most respected painters. She has won many awards including the Wynne prize, the Sulman prize and the Dobell prize and has exhibited in over 30 solo shows.

We talk about the paintings, paint, what the paint’s doing, guessing the intention of the artist and ponder on what effect it’s having on the viewer.

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